‘Kuna Kuna’ By Vic West Unites World

Kuna Kuna

By Isaac Tugume

‘Kuna Kuna’, a runaway hit by Vic West, Fathermoh, Thee Exit Band, brand Maina and Savara continues to excite and connect music fans worldwide, under the flag of dance and enjoying amazing music.

When Vic West and the other artists on the jam released it, they didn’t know it would become so explosive, to the extent of going global.

However, the reception given to ‘Kuna Kuna’ by fans from all corners of the world continues to surprise not only the artists but also all Kenyan music enthusiasts, because the song is being streamed in continents of the universe.

‘Kuna Kuna’ currently stands at over 3.7M YouTube views and still counting, which simply means that it is a global hit, because this is a record very few songs done by African artists have been able to make.

They say music is the only language that unites the universe and with ‘Kuna Kuna’, which is viral on social media and digital streaming platforms, puts real meaning to this saying.

Actually, ‘Kuna Kuna’ is the kind of song that is bound to win Vici West several awards, although the best accolade that suits this blockbuster would be a Grammy award!

Tap the link to stream ‘Kuna Kuna’ on YouTube, although the jam is also available on all digital streaming platforms.  

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