Kyd Sway: \”I Still Ain\’t Made It Yet.

Words Curated By Miriam.

Urbane rapper and musician, Kyd Sway from the States just dropped a hip-hop jam known as Freestyle with the audio available on all digital music platforms.

Anthony Lockhart, locally known as Kyd Sway on the stage is a musician from Sacramento, California. This talented artists is signed under Black Market Records. You most probably know him for his song, Love Hurts or Gold Chain and alot more other which are all available in all digital music platforms.

You’re probably wondering what Kyd Sway stands for. Well, this versed artist says that the acronym of his name has some deeper meaning. Kill Your Demons, Save What Alters You. Kyd Sway, like many other artists has a story of his past which inspired him into becoming the star that he is today.

Our main focus today will be on Sway’s latest project. This cultured artist has something more yet exhilarating for his fans. The fast raising musician has done it yet again by dropping his incredible jam dubbed “Freestyle”. If you’re not in the know, I’m here to fill you in.

Freestyle has a refined feel. It’s a rap song with mad beats. In this jam, the rapper went about and said, ” They say I fell out, but shawty I was just getting started.” Sway hints at getting back on track and doing more the most unlike any other

To listen to his track, click on the link provided.

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