Kyd Sway Outs New Video ‘Darkness’.

Renowned American rapper Kyd Sway has released a new video titled ‘Darkness’
Kyd Sway premiered his new video ‘Darkness’ on YouTube on March 29th, 2022 Via Black Market Records.

Darkness- Kyd Sway

Kyd Sway’s song ‘Darkness’ is a very inspirational rap jam that is taken off his new album ‘Live Fast Die Young’.
Besides ‘Darkness’, Kyd Sway’s album also features other songs like ‘Dead Rose’, ‘Bugs’, ‘Live Fast Die Young’, ‘Gold Chains’, ‘Blue Icee’ and ‘R.I.P’.
It should be noted that the name Kyd Sway stands for ‘Kill Your Demons’ and SWAY is ‘Save What Alters You.’

Kyd Sway

It is an acronym he created that reflects his lifestyle and music.
Kyd Sway combines a fusion of indie rock and rap that has its own unique musical experience, which makes his music style unique.

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