Lexxy Yung : First EP, 7 Beautiful Songs.

Renowned Kenyan Gengetone artiste, Lexxy Young from Nairobi Kenya, signed under Black Market Records has gone solo for the first time ever.

Lexxy Young who is a member from a well recognized music band called Sailor’s Gang has put his hard work, dedication and passion all together and created seven beautiful songs for his Extended Playlist (EP).

The EP, which is dubbed ‘HRTBRK’ comprises of the following songs. Penzi, Highschool, Birthday, Yesu Kam, Where are You, Ndendech and Njururi. The artist while informing his fans on social media about his next move to drop the EP captioned his post on Instagram, “EP Mode, Seven Beautiful Songs For You”. Click on the the link provided to check it out.

The young artists is not only a singer but also a Brand ambassador, a rapper, a song writer and an entertainer.

In an effort to clear up on going rumours on whether the band has split up, the rapper cleared the air and made it clear that the team was still intact. ” We share a bond stronger than titanium!”

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