Penzi By Lexxy Yung Out Now: Couples, Fights & Love.

When two people are in love they tend to argue and get on bad terms with each other every once in a while. Arguments are simply to test to see if a couple is strong enough to overcome them. Sometimes your loved one can hurt your feelings or do things that appear as a threat to you and you end up expressing your concerns rather verbally.

This is a normal fight between a couple and in most instances the fight can also lead to a mutual agreement. As the adage goes in Kiswahili; Wagombanao ndio wapatanao. Lexxy has charming lines that can woo a girl. He expresses his love to his woman admitting he can even take a bullet for her. He is openly states that he is afraid of losing her.

He asks lover to talk about their differences and get on with their love life. Lexxy Yung is such a reasonable man, in that he would choose to sit down and talk about the shortcomings in their relationship rather than walk away from his girl or physically abuse her.Penzi is one of the songs under Lexxy Yung\’s 8 song Ep, Heartbreak.

It\’s worth dedicating to someone you love. It\’s video (shot by Director Kuria) is set to premier on YouTube soon. Check out Penzi on YouTube and follow his social media to be updated on his upcoming projects.

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