Lexxy Yung Surprises Fans With New Video ‘Penzi\’.

Kenyan genge tone maestro Lexxy Yung, of the Sailors Gang, has outed the official video for his new jam ‘Penzi’ and the epic production of the project is sure proof that he is setting a unique trend.
In ‘Penzi’, Lexxy Yung sends out a message to all lovers to enjoy the gift of love instead of always quarrelling about this and that.

Penzi- Lexxy Yung

Taken off his new Extended Play (EP) ‘Heart Break’, Lexxy Yung’s ‘Penzi’ is distributing via Black Market Records and has already captured the hearts of many viewers on YouTube and other digital music streaming practices.
Lexxy Yung is a member of the Sailors Gang who include; Miracle Baby, Masilver, Shalkido and Qoqosjuma which is a music crew in Kenya that was formed in 2019.
They introduced their own music style called \’Dabonge\’ which in most cases they blend with genge tone and other genres, thereby giving their fans variety.

Lexxy Yung

Besides ‘Penzi’ however, Lexxy Young has released several other songs among them; ‘Vipi’, ‘Tam Tam’, ‘Heart Break’, ‘Yesu Ndiye Boss,’ to mention but a few.
Lexxy Yung’s musical creativity can be defined by the addiction amongst his fans derived from every song he puts out for listening to and the melodic enchanting vibes in his songs have contributed to his growing massive fanbase.

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