Lexxy Yung\’s Heartbreak EP Explained.

Penzi (a song off the EP) official video set to drop.

By Glow,

Kenya has embraced the new genre on the block by the name gengetone, a rise from the genre that JuaCali, Mejja and mañy others brought into the main stream. Lexxy yung is one of the many examples of gengetone artiste in Kenya.

Yung ,a renowned Kenyan artiste ,was one of the 5 members of the Sailors group which rose to fame in 2018 with their popular hit ‘Wamlambez’.

In January 2021, Lexxy revealed that he had decided to quit Sailors gang to pursue a solo music career in spreading the word of God.What he had envisioned as a breakthrough to start something amazing turned out to be a trail of bad luck, with his wife loosing a child during birth to his ‘Mwalimu Rachel ‘scandal last year.

The misfortune’s did not make him give up as he has released another solo hit called Penzi with the video set to premier tomorrow. The song is about love being a roller coaster and the imperfections that come with loving somebody. A life lesson to learn how to compromise.The solo puts Yung back on track and the fans should expect more from his album ‘Heart break’.

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