London Here We Come. Mbuzi Gang’s First World Tour To England Alleged To Begin In July.

This comes in as exciting and incredibly wonderful news because knowing the gang, they have come from far. The trio have announced that a tour is on the way to London. Yes, the city of the Peaky Blinders. This tour is set to happen in the month of July.

If this plan is successful, they will go down in history as the first gengetone group to have a world tour. The gang did their first music tour out of Kenya last year in Uganda

Rudi Nyumbani- Mbuzi Gang X Nina Roz

Mbuzi gang comprises Joseph Getugi, Mike Makori and Moses Ojwang\’ popularly known as Joefes, iPhoolish and Fathermoh respectively. The gang began with just two members before Fathermoh came in to complete the circle. Together, they have created memorable moments, released hit songs and managed to co-exist as a group. Their work ethic is highly motivational. We hope that they make it to this trip so that they can represent gengetone to the world. This has been their lifetime dream. Iphooolish in an interview with me said that they won\’t stop until Mbuzi Gang becomes a household name. Check out their latest album on their YouTube Channel.

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