‘Love’ By Thee Exit Band Arouses Sweet Feelings

Thee Exit Band

By Isaac Tugume


Famous Kenyan singing duo Thee Exit Band have in rotation a new video dubbed ‘Love’, which is sparking off sweet feelings amongst their fans across East Africa.

Thee Exit Band’s latest project ‘Love’  is an emotional tale of romance and seduction  and in this song they speak directly to the hearts of their fans.

Thanks to their charming and soft vocals, Thee Exit Band’s new track which is distributing via Black Market Records, is nourishing food for the ears and hearts of all people who have experienced it so far.

The ‘Love’ video, which was premiered just last Saturday, has so far garnered over 24K within just days of its release, which points to the project becoming a massive hit within a very short time.

Thee Exit Band is a group of three exceptionally talented artists who include; Maxwell Otieno, Meletas Javan Juma and Kevin Athumani, who have over the years been treating their fan to very captivating music.

Why not go on YouTube to stream ‘Love’ so that you can have a feel of what Thee Exit Band are capable of by clicking the link?

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