Lusting Me By Nerdboi Mar.

By Rachel,

Jamari Thomas a.k.a NerdBoi Mar an American rapper has dropped another ace music \”Lusting Me\”.

Nerdboi is one of the finest music expert with skills, craft and passion towards what he does. He is known with his songs \” Strobe Light, Hand out, Sad Story\” and many others.
Nerdboi signed a record label deal with Black Market Records in the year 2021. He later on released a new EP expressing his life story through his music and how he overcame obstacles in his life thus gaining worldwide recognition.

\”Here For a Reason is a wake -up call to our community where anything and everything happens,\” said Nerdboi Mar. He went on and said that he is trying to pass a message that you can be whatever or whoever you want to be in life despite the repercussions and everything.

Each song in his EP tells a story and connects with listeners in a different way. His latest music is now available on YouTube, check it out.

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