Maddox Mkureweng Drops New EP ‘Black Canvas’

Gengetone star Maddox Mkureweng has released a new Extended Play dubbed ‘Black Canvas.’Maddox’s ‘Black Canvas’, which comes with seven songs which are all club bangers, premiered on YouTube on Friday March 25th, 2022, via Black Market Records and it has since been treated to massive reception from his fans.

The ‘Black Canvas’ EP features the following songs; ‘Wabling’ ft Gazlor & Iman Kenya, ‘Diva’ ft Alma,
‘Raha’ ft Paka Mkali, ‘Rider’, ‘Tuliza’, ‘Magarita’ and ‘Matire’.

Signed to Black Market Records, Maddox is a member of popular Kenyan singing group the Boondox Gang that was formed in 2018. It comprises of four members; three musicians and one DJ. The musicians are; Exray Taniua, Odi wa Murang\’a and Maddox.

They are credited for being among the pioneers of gengetone music in Kenya. You cannot mention gengetone and fail to include Boondocks Gang. Before they teamed up in 2018, all the Boondocks Gang members were involved in solo projects.

Black Canvas Ep Tracklist- Maddox Mkuruweng

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