Madem Wa Nai Coming To Your Screens Soon Courtesy Of Team Psycho

Team Psycho has to be the most promising residing gengetone group this year. They have done a number of impressive collaborations that you’d think they wouldn’t be able to achieve. From doing international collaborations with great artists to coming out strong locally.

The gang is Ghetto based with members who are undoubtedly hardworking and ready to grind. They carry around hope and the anticipation to better the situation back at home. This Gang represents the hood life, they are a vessel of light upon their community.

This Coming Valentines, they are determined to release two music videos. The songs are titled \’Mine Mine\’ and \’Manzi Wa Nairobi\’. This article will talk more about Madem Wa Nairobi which is a direct translation of girls from Nairobi.

Manzi wa Nairobi, as a saying has become popular over the years both in Nairobi and the country at large. Tourists from across the globe have also come to know of Nairobi girls and some have even stereotyped all Nairobi girls to have a certain type of behavior. She likes money, loves the party life and is probably a mess. Yes, she won’t cook either. Well, you can’t really generalize people but it is what it is. The song however, points out the pros and cons of a Nairobi lady. It’s a song you’ll be thrilled to listen to. Not to mention, the beats and the dancehall vibe attached to it makes it one of a kind.

Tune in for more updates from Black Market Records Africa. Or perhaps, a stretched discussion about “Manzi Wa Nairobi.

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