Mbuzi Gang Drops Wah Wah, Currently The Doppest Drill Track In The 254. –

Mbuzi Gang finally drops the doppest, trendiest and highly anticipated video of the year. Wah wah is a step out of their comfort zone since the gang is popularly known to do great gengetone hits. The song is from their debut album dubbed The Three Wise Goats and features the talented and beauteous Silverstone Bars and Katapila, a beast in rap music.

Wah Wah- Mbuzi Gang X Katapilla X Silverstone Bars

Mbuzi gang stars Joefes, IPhoolish and Fathermoh who have come along way and holds the tag to the strongest and most surviving gengetone group in Kenya. The trio have proven to their fans time and again that this genre needs to evolve and they are here to show them how.

Mbuzi Gang

Wah wah holds the record of their best hiphop track yet this year. The song has a dope beat and incredible visuals courtesy of the ingenious Vic West. Vic West is currently among the most gifted directors and producers of our time. He identifies as Badness. Styling was done by Van Hessen.

Mbuzi gang are bringing a whole different vibe to the industry and are kenyan next big thing.

Wah Wah- Mbuzi Gang

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