Mbuzi Gang Mobilize A Whole Nation \”Kurudi Soko.\”

Hi all! I am Brenda and today I bring you a very special article!!
First, let me introduce you to my favourite band in Kenya, and at the end of it you\’ll find my favourite song by them, so hope you like it!
Mbuzi Gang

Mbuzi Gang (also known as Three Wise Goats) is a Kenyan boy band consisting of Joefes, Fathermoh and iPhoolish. Officially formed in 2020, they have released one studio album with 12 banger songs along with various singles and collabo projects.
They have been nominated for several awards and have performed in various events.

Mike Makori aka iPhoolish
Usually the super chilled one, he has an amazing depth and delivery voice that hits the sweet spots.

Moses Ojwang\’ aka Fathermoh
His voice is almost raspy which suits a lot of their choruses, his razzle dazzle nature is also a plus!

Joseph Getugi aka Joefes
He has deep tones and amazing vocal runs that they usually use to sing in the beginnings of songs.

My favorite song:
Just this year, the band released Soko while featuring Unspoken Salaton and Rico Gang member HarryCraze.
The hook is catchy, the rhythm is custom-made for a fed up/heartbroken/moving on individual. Soko has got great tan-to-party ratio and it\’s one of the jams that make you want to flip your life after being dumped, maybe clean your room, change your closet or go to the market.
In the jam, the squad mixes funny punch lines with catchy phrases that are relatable to situationships happening currently. Being dumped is not a joke, but surely, am I supposed to mope around all my life about it?! No. I wake up, get dressed and go join the fish in the sea. Go ahead and dedicate this bombarding song to that ex partner and move on, but don\’t forget to check out its official video on YouTube [ https://youtu.be/PKjfY8RdCNE ] and show some love.

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