Mbuzi Gang: Tunaoga Na Kurudi Soko

Mbuzi Gang generally, have recently exploded onto the national scene threatening the established gengetone artists back home and the media supremacy of RnB and hiphop.

This is likely an overstatement but given the recent developments and growth in the sheng culture, the diversity speaks for it.


The trio generate a theme of dapperness, a rather pleasant and fulfilling experience that describes what to do exactly after a nasty break up. The truth is, this has been the Kenyan way of moving past traumatic relationships. Atleast that is what the regular citizen proclaims. No one wants to wail in misery when the market is full of possibilities.

HarryCraze and Unspoken Salaton, a rather spicy twist to the song come through with distinctive vocals and great vibes.Soko looms large in the boundless and unending risks that comes with the market. Despite the market being full of all kinds of things, the price could be a bit higher than our expectations. There is a great deal of bidders and the seller might not be willing to offer at your price.

The song comes out this Wednesday. Make sure to check it out.

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