Mitchy Bandz Cements His Position In America’s Hip-Hop Industry

American rapper Mitchy Bandz has literally cemented his position in America’s hip-hop industry after proving that nothing can stand in his way when it comes to dropping good music.
A multi-talented artiste, Mitchy Bandz not only sings but also writes his songs, on top of writing songs for other rappers.
His music is a thrilling tale of ghetto life and positive ghetto vibes because he usually sings about things that most youth identify with.
Signed to Black Market Records, Mitchy Bandz is a rap artiste from Richmond, California, who started recording music in 2010 although he did not take it seriously until 2013.

Am I Wrong- Mitchy Bandz

He dabbled into music by accident when a friend was making beats and asked him to rap to one of them and his first attempt proved that he was already pretty good, so he kept going from there.
Mitchy Bandz creates music in his head and has never written down a lyric in his life, something he describes as a mentally prepared freestyle where he puts the bars together in his head as he vibes to the beat.
Some of his influences while growing up were Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z but he also listens to a lot of underground artistes.
One of Mitchy Bandz\’s early releases was with his group Low Key with the song ‘All I ever Knew.’
His talented sound caught the attention of Black Market Records and he started recording music for the label in 2019 and as a member of the group FSO, he released the single ‘Regular’ which became a huge hit.
Mitchy Bandz’s music consists of the raw truth that represents the ghetto life he grew up in, which many youths identify youth.

Mitchy Bandz

“I am determined and I will not take no for an answer”, states Mitchy Bands, adding; “Imma work hard, Imma stay in the studio and I ain\’t never gonna stop just cause I hear one no, I\’m gonna find another route and I\’m gonna get in one way.”
He recently featured in the song ‘I Can’t Breathe’, with some of his fellow Black Market Records artistes and is currently working on a new project to be released by the label.

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