Nande Boyz’ Loyal- A Swahili Infusion In Ugandan Music.

Nande Boyz

By Gloria Nanjala.

In a refreshing musical move, Ugandan trio Nande Boyz has unveiled their latest single, “Loyal,” a captivating fusion of Swahili, English, and Congolese. The incorporation of Swahili, a language not commonly explored in Ugandan music, adds a unique touch to the song lyrically.

Nande Boyz
Nande Boyz

“Loyal” isn’t just an auditory delight; its accompanying visuals, available for streaming on YouTube, transport listeners to beach sceneries. The video, skillfully directed by Keith Enock, complements the rhythmic beats and diverse linguistic elements of the track.

Pakii’s expert production ensures a seamless blend of languages and soulful beats. Nande Boyz have truly crafted a masterpiece, where the melodic beauty of Swahili intertwines with English and Congolese, offering a multi-dimensional listening experience.

“Loyal” stands as a testament to the trio’s musical prowess, pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on Uganda’s entertainment scene.Stream the official visuals for Loyal by Nande Boyz now on youtube.

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