Nande Boyz’s ‘Loyal’ Music Video Finally Drops On November 8th.

Nande Boyz

By Brenda Ochwald.

Nande Boyz is set to release the music video for their brand new love song, “Loyal”, on November 8th, 2023. This heartfelt ballad serves as a powerful reminder to young lovers to stay loyal and committed to their partners, nurturing a love that grows and flourishes.

Nande Boyz
Nande Boyz

With its soul-stirring lyrics and captivating melody, “Loyal” is a track that can be dedicated to your loved one or added to your daily playlists.Prepare to be moved by the emotional journey portrayed in the music video, as Nande Boyz brings their vision to life.

The wait is finally over, so mark your calendars and make sure to stream “Loyal” by Nande Boyz on November 8th. Let’s show these talented artists some love!

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