Neliah’s ‘Deep In Love’ Plays On Trace Mziki.

Ugandan songbird Neliah, continues to climb in rankings, thanks to her great music, which is taking her places.
Neliah’s music career grows by the day and she has since hit global levels after her ‘Deep In Love’ tune being picked up by the coveted international music station Trace Mziki.

With ‘Deep In Love’ being in the rotation on Trace Mziki, Neliah proves that she has taken her music game to another new level and that fans should expect even greater things from her.
Her hard work, consistency, resilience, and passion for music make Neliah attract all the positive energy coming to her, giving her an opportunity to charm listeners with her soothing vocals and lovely vibes.


Neliah’s ‘Deep In Love’ is a song that has just proven that all the words said above are not mere words but facts, reason why it qualified being played on Trace Mziki.
However, it should be noted that whereas ‘Deep In Love’ continues to perform well, Neliah also has another song titled ‘Free’, featuring Daddy Andre, which is performing well on the airwaves.

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