Nina Roz Graces Daily Monitor (The Sqoop) Cover Page.

Nina Roz Warns Artistes About Drug Abuse, Reveals Why Record Labels Are Important.
Celebrated Ugandan musician Nina Roz, real name Nina Kankunda has graced the cover page of the Daily Monitor edition of April 1st, 2022.
Nina Roz appeared in Daily Monitor’s weekly Sqoop magazine for an interview during which she spoke about her music, drug abuse and her relationship with Black Market Records, a music label to which she is signed to.
In the interview that was conducted by Nation Media journalist Gabriel Buule, Nina Roz trashes allegations that she abuses drugs and that she has been fighting drug addiction for a long time.

Asked if she really uses drugs, Nina Roz said; “I don’t how many times I will explain myself but the truth is that it sounds like organized propaganda to tarnish my image.”
She added that; “Those allegations are unfounded and there’s no proof. I am a law-abiding citizen who does not deal in anything illegal and above all, I’m a Christian and drugs are not Godly.”
Nina Roz also said that; “Drugs can threaten careers and lives. I have heard allegations that some artistes use drugs to enhance talent but there is no scientific research to back up that claim. To my fellow musicians who are using drugs, stay away from wrong company and endeavor to seek help from doctors and people who care about you.”
“Above all, for those battling to quit addiction, it is never too late for you to redeem your life and seek God. Finally, if you feel depressed, let drugs not be the solution. Talk to someone before it is too late,” Nina Roz advised.

Nina Roz on Sqoop

Speaking about the importance of record labels to Uganda’s music industry and her relationship with Black Market Records, Nina Roz said; “Well, Black Market and I had a few issues to resolve and I believe that the bloggers and the media somehow misreported the matter. We resolved all the misconceptions around the contract and currently we have a healthy working relationship. In normal society conflicts are always bound to happen but that doesn’t mean that life stops. In a civilized world we agree to disagree and life goes on.”


About the importance of record labels to a musician’s career, Nina Roz said that the label are vital to the industry but that artists should first clearly understand the contract they have with a particular record label before signing the deal.
“It is a new culture that we need to embrace but I advise artistes to understand the trade before entering into any transaction. A record label is a real deal if the musician understands the type of relationship they have with the label.”

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