Nina Roz Is An Icon In The Ugandan Music Industry.

By Rachel,

Nina Roz has a new trending jam \’Wangi\’ which was dropped one month ago. Nina Kankunda famously known as Nina Roz is a Ugandan artist who is fast rising in the music industry. Nina Roz is a songwriter and a model with sensational vocals who has made a name for herself in Ugandan\’s entertainment scene.

Nina has been blooming in her singing career ever since she exploded onto scene with her breakthrough song \’Mkete\’. She has put much effort into her music career which has brought her this far.

One unique thing about Nina Roz is her unique voice, singing, performing skills, sense of style,and fashion which has made her a complete artist with a huge following. When it comes to music, Nina Roz understands her assignment and she always does her very best. Check out \’Wangi\’ on YouTube using the link below.

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