Nina Roz Outs Inspirational \’Fight For It\’ Video

Sensational Ugandan singer Rose Kankunda, famously known as Nina Roz, has released a new video dubbed \’Fight For It\’, which has already premiered on YouTube.

Fight For It- Nina Roz

Featuring new dance group the Zari Dancers Africa, Nina\’s new song is a very inspirational piece of work in which she talks about struggling to survive in the ghetto. This is another epic production of Black Market Records, under which Nina Roz is signed and surely tells the life of a typical African youth.

Nina Roz, who kicked off her blossoming music career a few years ago, has over time released several successful projects under Black Market Records and some of the hit songs she has released include; \’Billboard Kipande\’, \’Nagana\’, \’Mbikooye,\’ \’Enyonta\’, plus \’Andele\’, a collabo with Daddy Andre, although she has many others.

A singer, songwriter and model, Nina\’s unique voice, singing, performing skills, sense of style and fashion have mesmerized whoever listens to her ever since she kicked off her music career.

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