Nina Roz Sparks Off New Music Revolution In East Africa With Wangi Video.

Nina Roz

Celebrated musician Nina Roz has literally sparked off a new revolution in the entertainment industry by extending her music projects beyond Uganda’s borders, thereby connecting the East African region with her vocals.
Nina Roz hit the milestone after she unleashed a sizzling new video titled ‘Wangi’, which was shot at several locations in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
She may have a calm demeanor on the microphone, but Nina Roz has no chills when making spectacular music and ‘Wangi’, a thrilling love video which features various scenes from the Nungwi Dreams, a luxurious party destination in Zanzibar, tells it all.

From getting her skin kissed by the sweet African sunshine as she plays on the beach with the Masai, to feeding sea turtles and mingling with the local communities, Nina Roz shares her magical experience in Zanzibar with fans in her ‘Wangi’ video.
It should be noted that Nungwi Dreams, which is an eco-tourism destination, is on the northern tip of Nungwi, the highest-rated and most pristine beach on the island of Zanzibar, which means that Nina Roz and her team invested millions of shillings to travel to that particular destination for the video shoot.

Nina Roz

Actually, it is no wonder that Nina’s ‘Wangi’ video, which she dropped last Friday via Black Market Records, is currently performing so well on YouTube, with over 22.5K views, and rotating on several TV stations across East Africa.
Signed to Black Market Records, talented Nina Roz, real name Rose Kankunda who has heavily contributed to Uganda’s music industry, uses her music to inspire listeners to seek emotional freedom and tranquility, reason why most of her songs are themed on love and enjoying a good life.
Since joining the Afro-pop game, she has maintained a significant presence, and feels the momentum she’s gained is keeping her music career on track.

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