Nina Roz Teases Upcoming Track ‘Onoozina’ After the Success of ‘Nwanilaako’!

Nina Roz is making a fiery comeback after the success of her hit single, “Nwanilaako”! She just dropped a teaser on her social media, and trust me, it’ll leave you craving more of the track and the stunning visuals.

At over 170K streams on YouTube, “Nwanilaako” is a heartfelt track that showcases Nina’s love and determination for her partner. The catchy visuals in the music video add an extra touch of creativity and amusement.

In the video, Nina Roz and her “lover” navigate through obstacles, making it comical and entertaining. Head over to YouTube to keep streaming “Nwanilaako” and don’t forget to join in on the TikTok challenges that go along with the song!

Fans are eagerly waiting for her upcoming track, “Onoozina,” and it’s bound to follow in the footsteps of “Nwanilaako” because everyone adores the incredible talent of Nina Roz. Make sure to hop on social media and give her a follow for all the exciting updates on the new track. And don’t forget to keep streaming “Nwanilaako” while you wait! Cheers to the amazing Nina Roz!

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