No Exit From The Dance Flow.

By Daisy.

Thee exit band have proved to always be top tier when it comes to music. When it’s a little love you need to spice some romance in your life they got you covered. Mapenzi raha by thee exit band is my to go jam when I need to feel special.

This band has proved that they are not only good with romance. They can also make you put on your dancing shoes. ‘Pombe’ one of their new projects is one of those jams that just make you feel like going out to a nice bar on a FridayIt’s a smooth song which definitely has a rhumba vibe to it which no matter your age you still jam to it.

They featured Teslah and Chan Chan on the song and they brought more flavour to the music. All of these three artists are from Black Market Records and they are doing great in the music world.

Thee Exit Band have other projects on the way and hopefully it will be as good or even better than their previous projects. All we can do is support their music as we wait to be entertained and surprised by their future projects

Here’s a link to ‘Pombe’ by Thee Exit Band featuring Teslah and Chan Chan.

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