Ochungulo Family Musical Career, Members and Projects.

By Gloria Nanjala.

Ochungulo Family has some of the most popular songs in Kenya. ‘Na iwake’ and ‘Kaa na mama yako’ are two of the most popular known classics by this group.

The group consists of three members; Nelly The Goon, D’More and Benzema. The three have been on the limelight since 2018 and have a common entity to the music world.

From left, D’more, Benzema, Nelly the Goon.

They have reigned the gengetone world for over four years now and are known for their witty bars and memorisable phrases.

Throughout their career, Ochungulo family have had a couple of number one hits. Hits like Pandemik, Mbingijii, Aluta, Dudu, Krimino, and Make up are their most known and successful projects.

Other works up their sleeves include Dudu EP, Tamasha EP, Mpenzi Mtazamaji and Wanjiku.

Now new signees under a record label -Black Market Records, the trio already have a project in the making titled Liquor Store under this label.

The recognition this artists get is enough for us to gauge the influence they will bring forth with their latest projects.

Check out their socials for more dope content and listen to their songs on all digital streaming platforms.


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