OG Ni Nani By Team Psycho.

By Rachel,

Music is the universal language of mankind and where words fail, music speaks. I don\’t know if you have had an inside scoop of the song \”OG By Team Psycho\”

OG is a slang term that is mostly used for someone who is incredibly exceptional, authentic and it can also be earnestly used for a legend. In this song, the artist are just trying to portray that the OG\’s have to be respected.

Team Psycho Gengetone artists who are really coming up well in the music industry. From there lyrical flow and the calmness in their song tells it all that they are the real OG\’s who ought to be respected.

In this song, the artist are just portraying the exceptional power in them. I think everyone is an OG in one way or the other and if you\’re a real OG then this song is for you. This song stirs up the giant in you and makes you see a big picture of who you really are.

Team Psycho are back and in store they have a new EP that they\’ll be dropping soon. Stay tuned so that you don\’t miss out on some good vibes.

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