‘Osobola’ Star Emilian Starz  Graces BTM TV’s Level Up Show

Emilian Stars

By Isaac Tugume

Black Market  Records artist Emilian Starz, who has out a new album dubbed Osobola, on Monday evening graced popular BTM TV celebrity show ‘Level Up’.

A seasoned musician, Emilian Starz is making headlines with her sizzling love jam ‘Osobola’, which is the cover track for her album.

Emilian Starz with BTM TV host Sovaria

During the TV show, which is hosted by Storm dJay256, DJ Samson and Sovaria, Emilian Starz revealed all about herself and her music career.

Besides ‘Osobola’, she also told viewers about the other  songs on her new album which include; ‘Toola’ Ft. Angella Katatumba, ‘Mulamba’, ‘Nkulowoza’, ‘Nze Nzawe’ and ‘Some Things’.

Shortly after the thrilling TV show, Emilian Starz appreciated the hosts by posting thus on social media;

“Thanx BTM TV for having me ❣️🙏🙏🙏lovelies #lastslide4me🥰😆@storm.djay256 @sovaria_hughes534 ❣️❣️@sasomandjay256 #osobola ”

Emilian Starz with Storm DJAY 256

It should however be noted that with her latest album Osobola, Emilian Starz, who became popularly known for her thrilling single ‘Mr. Lover’, proves that she is not musically mature and that fans should expect lots of great music from her.

If you haven’t checked out ‘Osobola’ then we wonder what you are waiting for, because it is just a click away on YouTube.

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