‘Popo’ By Thee Exit Band Ft. Teslah Ranks Among Top 5 New Songs In Africa

Thee Exit Band

By Isaac Tugume

Thee Exit Band, a popular Kenyan singing group is in the limelight nowadays, thanks to their new video ‘Popo’, on which they teamed up with gifted female artist Teslah.

‘Popo’, a ballad with a storyline about the love and loyalty of a young girl who promises to stick by her man no matter what, is currently ranking amongst the Top 5 songs in Africa.

According to KU TV’s Mbichi Za Wiki countdown, ‘Popo’ is one of the most-requested for songs on various airwaves around Kenya and beyond, which makes it rank high amongst the freshest new jams around the continent.

The joy of finally finding love in each other despite all the ups and downs a couple has gone through is indescribable and this is the kind of feeling Thee Exit Band endeavour to express in ‘Popo’.

In ‘Popo’, Teslah reassures her love, promising to be around for eternity and that despite the storms that they may encounter, she will be there waiting through it all for better days.

The ‘Popo’ video is readily available for streaming on YouTube and is attracting thousands of views daily from their fans across East Africa.

We really don’t see what is stopping you from clicking the link to stream ‘Popo’ on YouTube!

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