Rapper Baby Radar Is Hitting Up America’s Hip-Hop Music Scene

Talented American rapper Baby Radar, who was formerly known by his stage name Chulo Mac, is enjoying the limelight in America, thanks to his skills in the Hip-hop genre.
Baby Radar’s latest album ‘Green Eyed Bandit’, which features jams like ‘Inhale’, ‘You Gots To Chill’, ‘It’s My Thing’, ‘You’re My Customer’, ‘So Wat Cha Saying’, ‘You Got The Bozack’ and others, is a massive project that currently is performing well on all digital music streaming platforms and airwaves around the globe.


Besides ‘Inhale’ however, Baby Radar, who is signed under Black Market Records, has outed several other successful projects like; ‘Da Navy’, ‘Problem Child’, ‘Hol On’, ’40 Barns’, ‘Real’, ‘Trip’, ‘Blowin’, ‘Know What It is’, ‘Uncharted’, ‘Line Switch’, to mention but a few.
Born Answer Williams, on January 20th, the artiste who is now known as Baby Radar following his transition from Chulo Mac, has been making music since he was six years old.
He started out with his elder brothers but eventually took time off to focus on playing baseball and football.
During his hiatus from music, his elder brother YAYA released an album “Gwapp Boii Certified” on Black Market Records which had a song that features Bay Area rapper Nef the Pharaoh.
“He did a song with Nef and that was when he started seeing it pick up”, states Baby Radar adding; “I was like Yea, I have to get back into this.”
He put his energy back into his craft to create his latest album “Green Eyed Bandit”, which has been released via Black Market Records.

Music runs in his family and his father Radar Mozzy recently toured with Sacramento rap star Mozzy.
Baby Radar has a multipurpose style that takes influences from different genres of music that he has been inspired by.
“My style goes all places, it all depends on what I\’m feeling at the moment,” Baby Radar says.
He adds that; “I just don’t listen to rap, I listen to a little country, R&B and all of that.”
Baby Radar lists his father as one of his biggest influences and has patterned his style after that same energy.
“There’s no artiste bigger than my Dad”, he says, adding; “I was at the mall and people were asking me if I’m Baby Radar.”
Experiences like that have kept him motivated to reach the next level with his music. His flow, style and signature green eyes make his star quality stand out. He has been able to accomplish some incredible achievements with his music and at the same time balance sports and school.
“For regular kids, on weekends they might be at parties or at people\’s houses,” says Baby Radar, “On weekends that\’s my grind time, I\’m in the studio, there\’s a time and a place for everything and I like balancing it,” he adds.
Some of his keys to success are staying consistent, staying active with his fans, and always working hard.
“Watch me work”, he says, noting that; “I want everything, I\’m doing this for my family.”

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