‘Sacale Licencia Atu Odio’ By Wildey ft. El Ankla  Drops On YouTube

El Ankla

By Isaac Tugume

If you haven’t experienced thrilling Cuban music that will leave a sweet taste in your life then look out for ‘Sacale Licencia Atu Odio’, a brand new video by Cuban rapper Wildey featuring  El Ankla.

‘Sacale Licencia Atu Odio’, which premiered on YouTube today, is an epic production from Black Market Latin that will leave you wiggling your waist vigourously as you groove to the jam.

The dropping of the ‘Sacale Licencia’ visuals comes shortly after the release of the audio on digital platforms, which was warmly embraced by Cubans and is currently in rotation on airwaves across Latin America.

Although Wildey and El Ankla have outed several music projects in the past, ‘Sacale Licencia’, which has become a party anthem across Cuba, happens to be their biggest studio project so far, since this year began.

The video not only comes with a captivating reggaeton rhythm but is also blended with tantalizing choreography moves done by some of the best Cuban dancers you will ever see!

To enjoy this marvelous video, just click the link to stream it on YouTube or send in a request to your favourite TV station for it.

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