Soko By Mbuzi Gang Among Top Trending Bangers.

By Miriam,

In collaboration with Harry Craze, Unspoken Salaton and Vic West, Kenya’s dopest Gengetone artists, Mbuzi Gang cooked up something that has never been seen before. I’m talking about their latest project called Soko.

Soko is now number 25 trending on YouTube, with over 20 thousand views 48 hours after being uploaded! This song not only stirred commotion on social media but has also gotten thousands of likes from fans across the continent!

One of the many reasons why this song has people all over it is because thousands can relate to the message relayed in that song. Soko, the song, encourages people to go right outside, unafraid, to fall in love yet again even if their past relationship turned out sour. Soko educates people that it is unnecessary to sulk and cry over spilled milk, thus encouraging people to try falling in love again.

The gang was previously recognized for their song, “Shamra Shamra” , a few years ago. However, after dropping this banger, people will pretty much remember them for this incredible jam. We’re looking forward to seeing them doing incredible works together.

Listen to Soko by clicking on the link provided.

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