Speculations About The Demise Of Rico Gang Are Mere Rumors.

Rico gang are making a comeback with this mad mad tune!!! Click link to check out their YouTube Channel. 


Let me give you a hint because you\’re my favorites. Rico gang has narrowed down to two members from a total of three. The gang initially had a female rapper, Gee-gee who ditched to pursue different interests. Despite the spontaneous drop out, the remaining two have continued to bless us with outstanding hits. This year they strive to be more resilient which is why they have a lot in store for us this coming season.
Starring Harry craze and Triand, the two established an undeniably lasting bond since high school. In-fact, the crew originally had them as the only members.
When gengetone was at its peak, they dropped fuckboy that gained enormous airplay and recognition. Kimonyoski came a few months after where they featured Kartelo, there an then they secured a name in the Kenyan music scene.
Recently, they released a song with Willis Raburu titled Jeshi, a party and dance to tune. Rico gang strike me as promising and ready to shake off the industry. Wait up for their controversial upcoming song.

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