Staring Teslah: Evolving Celebrities In Pop Music.

Today we focus on pop culture and the rising stars of this genre. Pop music is the number one genre that produces the most hits.

As we star Talanta Mtaani season one winner and judge Tesla as an upcoming pop queen, listen to her latest tune \”Down For You\” truly truly eccentric and magnificent.

Down For You is a lyrical and poetic expression of romantic love. Let\’s take a walk down memory lane today with some of Teslah\’s biggest tracks.

Teslah is stunning, her looks introduce her first until you listen to her voice. Her voice instantly calms your nerves. No kidding, she is outrightly outstanding. She is posing a challenge to female artists and will soon top up the charts. Mark my words.

She is now a fully signed member of Black Market Records and has produced hits like Best, Turn Me on, Sensual Ep and Down for you under the label.

She began her music career way back in high school but came to the spotlight after auditioning for Talanta Mtaani show. She holds the title to the winner of Talanta Mtaani season one and was appointed a judge on the very show.

Check out some of her songs through the links above.

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