Swat Matire: Letting Go Of The Toxic Ex.

By Daisy,

Swat matire or better known by the alias \’Mtoto wa Eunice \’ has an new jam out. Ex is the title of his new single and he basically talks about his ex who is so toxic and can\’t accept the fact that the relationship between them two is over.

Despite it being a club banger, it carries alot of message in it . Currently we\’ve witnessed alot of bad blood between exes and we\’ve seen not alot of people want to let go of a relationship that is on rocky places and doesn\’t seem to work out.

I love how Swat manages to convey a message and at the same time ensure people are having a good time whether you are at a club or at your local joint or even at home, you\’ll still make you feel the weight of the message he is conveying.

Swat matire is by far the most underrated Gengetone artist, he should be given alot more credit as Gengetone started with him when he was/ is still under Ethic entertainment.

Since Ethic entertainment hasn\’t put a formal message that they split up we still consider the group as one though everyone in the group is either not doing music or on other individual projects.

Through all this Swat matire has managed to keep Gengetone afloat and has helped bring the rise to other Gengetone artists. He deserves more respect in the music scene and a pioneer in the Gengetone music scene. You should definitely check \’EX\’ once it\’s out, he featured Shekinah on this track and am sure it will definitely be worth your time.


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