Swat Matire new song featuring Squidkeed and Ocham is now on the trend.

Swat has released a new song featuring Squidkeed and Ocham.

Versatile Gengetone artist Swat Matire, new song \’Katanuka\’ has pitched itself on top of music charts this week. The song that dropped not long after his previous mega hit song dubbed \’Ex\’ has climbed into trendings so fast.


Katanuka features two dynamic artists that\’s Squidkeed and Ocham, both who are profoundly known to always kick their music game in a different venture. Swat Matire aka Mtoto Wa Eunice is relentless to see himself conquer more stages and keep his title has the grandfather of Gengetone music, who coined this genre that\’s now blowing outside the Kenyan borders.

The visuals will keep you glued to your screen because it was not a joke video. Both the artists jumped in a style depicting the song lyrics as sang. There is vividly some ghetto influence in the visuals, the lyrics done in the local Kenyan slang dialect \”Sheng\”. Narrating their musical journey, the street struggles and their ventures to the level they are currently owning.

No artists does it like Swat, his music catalog is versatile because he is capable of making timeless music that can get you off your feet in the clubs and still educate you on some of his records. This has set him aside from the other creatives in the music industry and thanks to Black Market Records we can now find his full music catalog on all the streaming platforms.

Go check out this new record \’Katanuka\’ on the music streaming platforms, now available on YouTube for watch. Stream via the link below.

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