Swat Matire On A Mission To Uplift Upcoming Ghetto Artists.

By Brenda,

Swat Matire has had an incredible rise through his music career so far, and he is showing no signs of letting up as he delivers his brand new project \’ _Katanuka_ \’. The rapper from Kenya has really taken the game by storm over the last couple of years and his achievements already are testament to that.


Just a month ago Swat Matire gave us Ex by Shekinah Karen and it already has more than 100K views so far.Last week, he released _Katanuka_ featuring Squidkeed and Ocham with Director Tony De Gigz. The visuals of the song was epic and very creative, not the usual \”Swat-songs graphics\”. He comes in hard and sets the tone for the rest of the project. With slick flows and some punchy bars within the track as well. The trio talk about their gang and street life, the struggles they have been through and the loses they\’ve faced.

They use the local sheng (which is the hood language) to recite their lyrics.To hear this sort of story from the perspective that Swat is writing from is something different, and it shows a certain level of penmanship that it is hard not to respect whether you are a fan or not.The other thing that I have to mention and that Swat can do so well is create a catchy banger you can expect to hear in clubs and at parties up and down the country, and he delivers yet again on this project.Katanuka is available to stream and download now, so head over to Spotify and Youtube so go and check it out and support the project.

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