Swat Matire To Revive Band Beca\’s Music Career Through Their Upcoming Colabo

Whine take it down by Swat Matire featuring Band Beca coming out. After the season of wife Material One ended, Band Beca seemed to dim slowly from the spotlight. This article will update you on their progress exclusively in relation to music. When wife material by Eric Omondi came to our scenes, Band Beca somehow had fans wilding. They would later come to be nationally recognized as artists.

Fans are eager to know about their whereabouts which leads to the question, where are they and what is their next step?

Swat Matire

Swat Matire has recorded a song and featured them. The track is a dancehall tune with great energy and impeccable flow. This is a possible chance for them to revive their music career and possibly top the chats.

The title of the song is Whine Take it down. We are more than eager to see what comes of it when it comes out tomorrow at noon. No doubt they killed it. Swat Matire is the godfather of gengetone, a member of Ethics Entertainment and signed under Black Market Records Africa. He is a great artist and visionary in terms of the deals he makes.

Tune in for more updates.

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