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Teslah To Release New Single, ‘Hubby’ Featuring Ndovu Kuu.

By Brenda Ochwald. Teslah isn’t just telling her story. She has made music from it and shared it with the fans dear to her heart. The Kenyan-born, multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer is set to uncover her new single “Hubby” featuring rapper Ndovu Kuu at all digital streaming platforms soon via Black Market Records. The track touches on a spectrum of love and devotion — from Teslah proclaiming her deep affection for the person she wants to be with, her hubby, as she calls him. You can have a sneak peek of the song’s audio through Teslah’s Tiktok channel or Black Market Records to have an insight of what the song entails. Teslah is a veritable sensation one should look up to, with a good number of views on her YouTube channel from her fans. She enjoys interacting with her fans on social media, doing lives on TikTok and urging fans to hop on to her musical challenges. Stay tuned for Hubby’s release on the DSPs in the meantime, hop on to the song’s challenge on TikTok to make it a trend. Cheers!

Joefes Enlists Unspoken Salaton For “Blue Ticks”

By Brenda Ochwald. It’s a new day, and there’s a new Joefes feature in the marketplace. Joefes‘ ‘Blueticks’ is a diss track that bashes people who bother other’s peace through unnecessary texts on Whatsapp in particular. Despite not premiering his 2023 album yet, the artist posted the track, Blueticks, on all digital streaming platforms for his fans to have a taste of what the project carries.Blue ticking is when someone reads your WhatsApp and doesn’t respond. The Kashkeed production has Joefes and Unspoken Salaton tell tales of when and why they bluetick people. They further ask fans to do the same if they feel bothered by their texters; leave them on read. Available on platforms like Boomplay, Spotify and AppleMusic, you can have a listen to Blueticks and do share your views on the song. Cheers!