Men Can Lie: An Epic Musical Fusion of Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina and Ssaru.

By Brenda Ochwald. Get ready, music lovers! The end of the year is approaching, and guess what? Vic West is back with a bang! That’s right, our talented producer-turned-musician is gearing up to drop an epic release featuring Sylvia Ssaru, Brandy Maina, and Teslah. The track, titled “Men Can Lie,” has already been creating waves …

Men Can Lie: An Epic Musical Fusion of Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina and Ssaru. Read More »

Junior Gentle

‘Bad Commando’ Video By Junior Gentle, Teslah & Unspoken Salaton Drops On YouTube

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHRqdFjzpuc By Isaac Tugume Ugandan musician Junior Gentle’s long-awaited video ‘Bad Commando’, which he performed with Kenyan artists Teslah and Unspoken Salaton, has since debuted on YouTube, and is already being streamed by fans from far and wide. After thrilling thousands of fans as an audio, ‘Bad Commando’, which is an explosive East African collabo, has now been spiced up even more with the visuals, which are giving every viewer a clearer picture of what the artists are singing about in this jam. Coming off Junior Gentle’s latest EP dubbed ‘Detention’, the single ‘Bad Commando’ is a song that now has  East Africa buzzing, because of the captivating vibe that Junior Gentle, Teslah and Unspoken Salaton unveil on this tune. With ‘Bad Commando’, Junior Gentle unveils a masterpiece in as far as Ugandan dancehall music is concerned, while Teslah and Unspoken Salaton spice it up some more by chipping in fluidy Gengetone vibes. Like it or not, Junior Gentle now proves that he is a musician feted with lots of charisma because with ‘Bad Commando’, he unleashes his creative maelstrom upon the Ugandan industry with explicit energy. There is no reason why everyone shouldn’t tap the link above to stream the ‘Bad Commando’ video  on YouTube, because it’s a real jaw-dropper!