Tarel Tala’s New Jam ‘Matta’ Takes Fans By Surprise.

Ugandan RnB singer Tarel Tala literally took many of his fans by surprise with his new  love song ‘Matta’, which is a captivating thriller.


Premiered just a few days ago via Black Market Records, Tarel’s love ballad  ‘Matta’ is bound to become a great hit, especially because of the massive reception it has been treated to by his fans all over Uganda.
With a project like ‘Matta’, Tarel, who has not been in the music industry for long but is already registering immense success, proves to the world once and for all that indeed he is a force to reckon with in the East African music realm.

Tarel Tala

Despite having several songs to his name, with his freshest jam ‘Matta’, Tarel makes it clear without any reasonable doubt that there might be a lot of things going on in store for his fans and that this is just the beginning.
Signed to Black Market Records, Tarel, real name Jacob Kawooya, has lived up to the promise of proving to all and sundry that he indeed got talent and is ready to share it with the rest of the world.

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