Team Psycho New Release Mine Mine Out Now

As we near the Valentines season, Team Psycho drop their anticipated video Mine Mine. The song is already on YouTube and all music platforms.

The gang is a three man group incredibly talented and committed at what they do. Coming from Kangemi, their goal is to uplift their society. They are slowly achieving this through offering corporate social responsibility. They are giving back to the society through charity by offering food and basic needs to the less fortunate.

Mine Mine- Team Psycho

The gang, before, was involved in dangerous and illegal activities before discovering that they could sing. They decided to do good rather than steal and participate in malicious acts. Their first hit song was Kata Tenje that introduced them to a new fanbase. The gang prides in having loyal fans who support their music and projects.

Mine Mine features Nuclear, an upcoming gengetone and dancehall artist. The song is already trending on YouTube, check it out.

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