Teslah Drops New Sensational ‘Down For You’ Video.

Budding Kenyan female musician Teslah has released the official video for her new single ‘Down For You’.’
Directed by Vic West, Teslah’s ‘Down For You’ video premiered on Wednesday April 13th, 2022 on YouTube via Black Market Records and it’s been treated to a massive reception by her fans.

Down For You- Teslah

Blended with Teslah’s sensual vocals and soothing vibes, ‘Down For You’ is a sure-deal project for the fast-rising musician.
With ‘Down For You’ Teslah proves that she is a female artist ready to rattle the music industry and the rate at which her fan base is expanding is an indication that she will soon top the charts.

‘Down For You’ should be a song to add to your playlist, because it’s on another level and will get you into a groovy mood the moment you listen to it.

Talk of how she explains her love through a melodious voice; who would not fall for that?
The song depicts a love story gone sour after the singer finds out she was played.
Anger leads her to do one thing, payback in the African setting, by bewitching the person who crossed her path.
The video clearly presents a storyline so impeccable that it will leave fans in suspense and make them eagerly wait for her next project.

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