Teslah Drops The Official Video For Down For You

Teslah is an outstanding performer. Her newest single, Down for You proves so. The video is out on YouTube and already getting her fans talking.
Down for you takes us to a love spree and shows us the depths of betrayal in our daily life affairs. The song has a melodious catchy vibe to it and the video even compliments its greatness more. Done by the creative and multi-talented director, Vic West the team outdid themselves. Teslah otherwise known as Nancy Njeri off the stage is a force to be reckoned with. The Talanta Mtaani season one star is now making a statement and official telling the public that she is fully pursuing music. It takes more than just having a talent for someone to make music a career most especially here in Kenya where we don’t care how good your voice is if we don’t know you. Teslah is fearless and courageous in her pursuit for greatness and her work backs it up. Nancy Njeri began her music career when she starred on Talanta Mtaani in 2019. At the time, her concentration was on spoken word and would later be appointed a judge on the same show. When she signed a deal with Black Market Records, her purpose and pursuit for music grew even more. Down for you is an outright banger and exactly what the Kenyan industry needs, raw talent, greatness and commitment to the art.
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