Teslah : \”Female Or Not We Are All Exposed To Equal opportunities. \”

In an interview with the real nonsense podcast (The interview will be uploaded soon) Teslah counters her argument in regards to females being undermined in the industry. She said that, the statement however true it is, doesn\’t justify one not trying. Societal upbringing or systems despite playing a major role in our lives does not control or ulter our decisions.

We are all the determinants of our destiny. This comes after her latest song, Down for you, aired on TV and Radio stations and gained a lot of traction.

Link below.

As a determined artist ready to be a female global star, Teslah releases bewildering and great music that speaks to the heart. She is soft spoken.

Teslah identifies as the winner of Talanta Mtaani season one and judge despite being bigger than that. This is where her journey began. Signed under Black Market Records, she has managed to release a number of great tracks featuring stars like Exray, Brandy Maina, Odi Wa Muranga, Pheelz, Vic West & Chan Chan.

Follow up for more updates.

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