Teslah Kenya Blowing Up The Music Industry. Hints On New Song Release.

By Rachel,

Teslah Kenya is another Nikita Kering in the making and may be more than Nikita. Anytime you hear about Teslah you know it\’s some good sensational music. Teslah has another video \”BEST\” which will be dropping on the 22nd of June 2022, Wednesday.

In this song, Teslah is praising a guy for being the best. Do you think she\’s in love? That\’s a story for another day. Teslah has been flourishing the music industry with her good choice of lyrics, vocals and even the flow of her songs.

With time, she has been able to capture her audience in her writings. To justify this, Teslah\’s songs tells her audiences life story, connects and relates with her listeners. Don\’t settle for half baked music when you have Teslah who gives her all in her songs which has lyricism awe-inspiring.

Use the link below to chech out Teslah\’s Songs.
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