Teslah\’s Much Anticipated Video To Be Released Tomorrow.

By Muli.

Teslah Kenya’s much anticipated video of her sensational song, Down For You will be released on the 13th of April, 2022. Dear reader, if you don’t have any idea of what the song is like , here’s an insight. Down For You is an outright banger and a unique tune set for your ears. The song has been produced by Byron and directed by Vic West.

Teslah Kenya, a female artist signed under the Black Market Records.
“Being a woman in the music industry in Kenya is quite the struggle. Men have dominated the space leaving little or no chance for women. For a female artist to get to the top, she’s got to be assertive, strong minded and aggressive. There’s literally no space for the faint hearted.” This is all according to Teslah Kenya an ambitious yet phenomenal female artist signed under the Black Market Records.

Teslah is fierce, militant… She is a go getter, exactly what a female artist needs to be to be noticed in Kenya’s music industry. “It is with so much buzz that I dedicate this song to my beloved fans, Thanks to the Black Market Records.” Teslah acknowledges.

Follow up on her tunes. To get your week lit, click on the link below and listen to her jam. https:/youtu.be/9lzmobAh0-k

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