The Elegance That Is Teslah Kenya.

By Brenda,

Born in Kenya, Teslah Kenya combines sweet rhymes, heartfelt lyrics and powerhouse vocals. You won\’t be able to miss this up-and-coming artistic force – Teslah\’s star keeps shining brighter.

After wining Talanta Mtaani season one, Teslah\’s burgeoning career started to blossom. She is signed at Black Market Records and has since released Turn Me On, Down For You and presently, Best, whose lyrical video is on YouTube and official video set to be released on 22nd June 2022.

Her current trend song, Turn Me On featuring Chanchan and Brandy Maina, has found its way onto regular rotation at Kenyan radios. In Best, Teslah maintains a steady rhythm with pointed lyrics that match her persuasive tone. She’s simply trying to make the listener understand their importance. The beat is a seamless rendition of its sample, yet it maintains Teslah\’s flair.

She hit the nail on the head with the dancehall stunner. Her message, nevertheless, is an ode that praises the love of her life. She makes known of her feelings and desires to him. It’s a message of love we can all take notes from.

Check out the best of Teslah Kenya on any social media apps, YouTube or Spotify and show some love.

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