The Goats Drop A Movie; The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang.

By Gloria,

\’The 2022 art documentary on YouTube ,The Rise of Mbuzi Gang ,follows the lives and career of three major gengetone male artists ,that is iPhoolish, Joefes and Fathermoh.Directed by Vic West, the film superbly captures the talents of each artist individually while painting a single picture of gengetone music in Kenya.It offers archive footage of their collabos with major artists like Mejja and interviews with famous journalists like Amina Abdi among many others.

The documentary offers true and beautiful glimpses into the lives of Mbuzi gang whom we as audiences have come to love so dearly.It has allowed them to reintroduce themselves to us fans and to recognize and remember the significant impacts that they have had on our cultural society. And while this may seem niche to some, their everlasting influence to the youth will nonetheless remain unmatched.

The documentary briefly tells the story of Mbuzi gang\’s life, art and inspiration behind their famous hits like ShamraShamra. They let us get an insight of what it\’s like to be a trio and their meet up, who plays which role and what groves them towards successful music videos.

By revealing details about their life, the gang sheds some light on their creative process.If you are more of a proper movie lover, be sure to watch The Rise If Mbuzi Gang on YouTube. It\’s definitely a must see especially if you are a fan and want to get close and relate with them.

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