The Rise Of Teslah Kenya.


Teslah is what I would describe as admirable, talented and intricately interesting. Fans have put her newest single release on repeat because the song is conclusively just too good. Titled Down for you, she outdid herself on this one. The performance is interesting and her vocals even more pleasant.

This is the link to the song incase you missed it.

Teslah discovered her passion for music when she was still in high school. The positive feedback from her friends pushed her to try her luck in music. Thank God for them because Talanta Mtaani showed us her true potential and even though at the time she specialized in spoken word, she has proven time and again that singing is her go to.

Her songs have a calming effect to them.


Teslah has signed a deal with Black Market Records to further push her music career. She is determined and ready to be among the first female musicians to be listen to globally. As much as she recognizes that she is the best, she is humble and hardworking.

Follow up for more updates from Black Market Records.

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